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Conveyor manufacturers Henan xinxiang day too vibration machinery manufacturing co., LTD--Xinxiang is the earlier design、Production of vibrating screen、Hoist、Conveyor、One of the feeder, vibration equipment manufacturers,Professional development、The production of various kinds of vibrating screen extension、Bucket elevator、Screw conveyor、Belt conveyor、Scraper conveyor、Buried scraper conveyer equipment, etc。After years of development,Continuous efforts in days too、Under the innovation,Make day too has a variety of vibrating screen machines, and the design of general machinery、Production capacity。Xinxiang day too mechanical vibration--Is“Vibration equipment production base in China”—Xinxiang,Back to the user of xinxiang conveyor most one,After many times industry reshuffle,It's too with solid strength、The advanced technology and excellent product quality achieved industry recognition of users,And in an impregnable position in the intense market competition...

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FUScraper conveyor
 A、FUSummary of scraper conveyor FUChain scraper conveyor(Hereinafter referred to as chain conveyor)Is a kind of used to level(Or tilt15)Conveying powder、Small granular materials of new products,On the technology in domestic...More and more
Chain scraper conveyor
 HBChain plate conveyor chain conveyor for short、Plate conveyor,In the metallurgical industry、Coal、Chemical industry、Electric power、Machinery manufacturing and other industrial sectors of national economy has been widely...More and more
MSBuried scraper conveyor
 MSFor horizontal scraper conveyor conveyor,Suitable for conveying powder、Small particles、Small block etc materials,With small volume、High efficiency、Low noise、Good sealing,Installation and maintenance...More and more
Tube type screw conveyor
 Tube type screw conveyor Commonly known as Ground dragon 、 Ground dragon conveyor ,Is a mineral、Feed、Grain and oil、Widely used in construction of a conveyor equipment,Conveying material from the horns of the displacement direction...More and more
Shaftless screw conveyor
 Shaftless screw conveyor products is introduced: Shaftless screw conveyor to replace the traditional belt conveyor,It has:Maintenance is simple、Less pollution、The noise is small、High working efficiency, etc...More and more
ZType bucket elevator
 ZType bucket elevator is home day too improve factory introduction of foreign advanced technology,Research and development success of a new type of conveying equipment。Henan initiative,Exclusive production。ZType hoist on the city...More and more
NEBucket elevator
 NESeries plate chain bucket elevator product overview: NEPlate chain bucket elevator to plate chain、Gravity induced unloading lifting equipment。Suitable for vertical conveying of powder、Granular、Small block grinding...More and more
Big dip Angle belt conveyor
 DJType of big dip Angle belt conveyor guard or great Angle belt conveyor,Is a common material continuous conveyor equipment,It's too belt conveyor manufacturers used is a wave...More and more

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